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The police think they’ve caught…

one Milwaukee serial killer, viagra doctor but it’s still not too late for you to catch another: The Abortionist

Add comment September 8th, 2009

There’s a review/column in today’s Waukesha Freeman about The Abortionist

The new review of The Abortionist contains the single best description of the book I’ve ever read:

Dr. Hannibal Lecter meets Planned Parenthood.

7 comments September 3rd, 2009

If you’re a blogger…

…please consider linking to or embedding the video trailer for the book I’m in: The Abortionist..

I’m trying to get it to go “bacterial.”

(That’s one step less catchy than “viral.”)


3 comments August 31st, 2009

Someone who read…

…the book I’m in (The Abortionist) told me they’re going to reread it because they read it so fast the first time they might have missed something…

….I guess that means it’s a pretty good book.

On the other hand, buy cialis viagra they just might have been in a hurry to see if I survived. ;)

10 comments August 25th, 2009

The ever-more-famous TrogloPundit…

posted a brief, cialis sale store cialis yet amusing, notice when The Abortionist came out.

I will expect and even briefer, yet more glowing, review when he actually reads the damn thing. ;)

1 comment August 16th, 2009

I get by with a little help from my friends

Just want to thank Josh Schroeder and Wendy and Owen at Boots & Sabers for linking to the new video about the book I’m in:

5 comments August 14th, 2009

What do you think?

13 comments August 11th, 2009

My newest best buddy and big toe:

My favorite “gun blog” Rustmeister’s Alehouse posted an announcement about The Abortionist. I’m grateful. And I’d like to point out, best viagra sovaldi there are definitely guns in The Abortionist.

2 comments August 6th, 2009

Do people still say “bleg”…

…when talking about a begging blog post?

Well, viagra usa prostate whether they do or not, sildenafil prescription that’s what this is.

If you blog, salve would you please announce the availability of the new book that’s all about me: The Abortionist.

Even if it’s not your sort of story, some of your readers might like it.

They can learn more at, read the first five chapters here and buy it on Amazon or at or even get it for just $4.99 on the Kindle.

Here’s some of what people are saying about the book:

Wendy Robinson at Boots & Sabers:

Once I started reading, I could not put the book down. I loved the characters, especially Elliot and Caroline, because they seemed so realistic. And it’s not often that we get to read novels set in Milwaukee. The dialogue is smooth and real.

In spite of its title, this is not just an “abortion book.” It’s a story about a serial killer and a crime solver whose life is personally touched by the crimes. Yes, the serial killer uses techniques used by people who perform abortions, and several characters in the book have strong opinions one way or the other. But both pro-lifers and pro-choicers will enjoy this novel and probably identify with at least one of the characters. That the main character uses a wheelchair adds a unique perspective we don’t often see. Elliott’s disability and his ability to cope with it and do things he did before his accident provide insight into Elliott’s personality and how he identifies himself.

Chris reviewing on

“This book is fantastic!! It a suspense/thriller about a serial killer that takes place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is also a love story. It is NOT pro-abortion or the author says, it’s pro-thought. The plot is original, and the character development is tremendous – I really “got to know” the characters. Above all, it is a spine-tingling blood-chilling page turner. It’s one of those books you just don’t want to put want to find out what happens next.”

Patrick Dorwin at Badger Blogger:

I loved this book!
This novel is about a serial killer, right here in our own Milwaukee. Elliot Sterns is a former cop that was paralyzed when shot by a suspect, he is now working as a freelance journalist and… yep, a blogger! Elliot teams up with his old partner to track down the killer, called The Abortionist. Since this book is based in Milwaukee, those of us that are Brew-Town Cheese Heads will be able to track the Milwaukee area land marks as they work their way through town. It is also interesting to see how Michael works in his blog, From Where I Sit, to the story.
I know that with a title like The Abortionist, you probably think it is written for one side of the abortion issue or the other, but it really isn’t. As Michael says, the book isn’t pro-life or pro-choice, it’s pro-thought. “It’s not a choice, it’s a must-read.”
I won’t give anything away, but this book was entertaining and easy to read. I recommend it to anyone that wants an entertaining crime novel, even if you don’t live in Milwaukee.

Thanks, guys! I’d do the same for you, even if your book really, really sucked! ;)

5 comments August 6th, 2009

A question for my liberal readers:

The book that’s all about me, sildenafil sales The Abortionist, treat has been selling pretty briskly to my conservative friends, but I haven’t seen a single liberal reaction either here or in the blogosphere.

Are you guys put off by the topic?

Do you just assume the pro-choice side doesn’t get a fair shake?

Have you read the first five chapters and think they suck?

4 comments July 27th, 2009

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