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I can’t decide on my New Year’s Resolution

It’s either going to be 1024×576 or 1280×720.

Add comment January 7th, 2017

I’m an ex-cop

But if I had this wheelchair, I bet people would call me Robo-ex-Cop.

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What is wrong with this picture

Carrie Fisher is gone, but Charles Manson is doing just fine.

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Apparently, the Republicans didn’t have an Obamacare in the world…

Congressional Republicans launched their long-promised effort on Wednesday to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, even as they acknowledged that they may need several months to develop a replacement along conservative lines.

I totally understand the Republicans not having any ideas for replacing Obamacare. After all, they’ve only had eight years to think of some.

Add comment January 4th, 2017

Ho, Ho, No!

Is it my imagination or does the new Green Giant look disturbingly  like Ellen DeGeneres?

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Donald Trump was not my candidate

But I have to admit, all the right people hate him.

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Happy New Year

Sorry it’s been so long. I lost my keys.

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The guy on the elevator this morning told me he’s getting a vasectomy on Friday

So I cut him off right there.

Add comment June 3rd, 2015

I agree, emoticons good

Emojis bad:

Father of the emoticon comes out swinging: I think emojis are ugly

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This is very, very smart

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