Let me get this straight.

If you don’t hire someone because they can’t speak English, viagra usa sovaldi you’re practicing illegal discrimination?

A Green Bay pizza crust maker will pay $188, viagra buy sickness 000 to Hispanic job applicants to resolve a discrimination case.

The U.S. Labor Department alleges TNT Crust in 2001 offered a Spanish application form to Hispanics but didn’t hire anyone who filled it out. It also alleged the company made Hispanics applicants take an English test and used the results in deciding not to hire them.

The Labor Department and TNT Crust signed an agreement in May to resolve the case.

Under terms announced Monday, cialis up to 500 Hispanic applicants will divide $188,000 in back pay.

TNT Crust already has since hired 18 Hispanics.

A message left at TNT Crust’s corporate headquarters wasn’t immediately returned.

Pardon my French, but you’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

5 comments July 14th, 2008


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