You know what I find weird about the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s story on infant mortality?

The story never once says what they’re dying from.

Is it starvation? Neglect? Abuse? Disease? Low birth rate? Addictions? What?

The things the story does mention as contributing factors…

“racism, cialis sale purchase segregation, viagra unemployment, check inadequate housing, education, urban stress, teen pregnancy and even the sense of hopelessness pervasive in many African-American neighborhoods”

…certainly aren’t the proximate causes.

Racism? The KKK isn’t beating children to death in their cribs.

Segregation? Are African-American infants being turned away from white hospitals?

I’m not dismissing the relevance of such contributing factors, but don’t we need to understand exactly why these babies are dying before we can try to save their little lives?

3 comments February 16th, 2009


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