Would there be a U.S.A., if Liberals had been running things 250 years ago?

No way.

Let’s start with the simple fact that our forefathers literally stole America from the natives (mostly by killing them with smoothbores, viagra sale cure smallpox and single malt whiskey).

Today’s Liberals can’t stand us being in Iraq or Vietnam even temporarily.

I doubt they’d be in favor of taking over an entire country permanently.

Now, mind let’s imagine that somehow the original colonies were formed without disrupting the indians. Does anyone think that Liberals would revolt against their Government over TAXES?

And how would they revolt anyway? In the gun-free world advocated by Liberals only the Red Coats would have had weapons.

But let’s say the British just let the Colonists go without firing a shot. The United States still wouldn’t exist in the form it does today. The American Southwest and California are only parts of the United States because James K. Polk (a Democrat, by the way) started an illegal war and seized those areas from Mexico.

Now, I’m not saying that any of the above actions were “right.”

I’m just pointing out that the United States wouldn’t even exist as a nation, if we’d always (or even occasionally) acted in the past the way that Liberals would have us act in the present.

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