Wipe them from history

Whenever some defective excuse for a human being goes on a shooting spree the media fills with the usual useless nattering: calls for more gun control, buy viagra order more metal detectors, viagra sales viagra more gun free zones and fewer violent movies and video games. (And, now, with the latest tragedy in Tucson they’ve added demands for less free speech.)

But here’s the thing: none of these prescriptions would have stopped the people (and I use that term loosely) who commit these types of crimes.

Guys like the shooter in Tucson don’t kill for politics. They don’t kill because guns are prevalent. They murder because they want us to know their names. They want to splatter their names like blood across the pages of the papers and add their infamy to the indexes of the history books.

You want to stop these guys? Take away their motivation.

Instead of rewarding them with the fame they crave, expunge them forever from human memory.

Destroy their birth certificates. Delete their drivers’ licenses. Burn their writings. Don’t even assign them a prisoner number in jail.

They didn’t matter.

They never existed.

They were never born.

5 comments January 14th, 2011


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