Why has the internet turned into every “networking” event I’ve ever tried to avoid?

December 2nd, 2008

Clearly, viagra nurse I’m no stranger to self promotion.

But the transparent transformation of every online venue into just another opportunity for self-aggrandizement is turning me off.

Twitter oozes with schmoozes.

Bloggers are often just floggers.

And Facebook feels like a front for every undiscovered comedian, cialis pharm indy band, and new media expert on the planet.

I know it’s ironic that I’m complaining about this. After all, I started From Where I Sit four years ago to promote a book that STILL isn’t finished.

But, the fact is, this blog has been around for a very long time now and I’ve never asked anyone to buy anything. I’ve never ran an ad. Or asked for a contribution. Or used affiliate links.

There’s nothing wrong with a little commercial activity. I’m a big believer in capitalism. But does it have to be so crass? So pervasive? So lacking in style?

Sometimes, when I’m online, it feels like I’m in a room full of people all wearing tags that say, “My Name Is:” and pretending to be friendly just so they can get the opportunity to ask me if I carry enough life insurance.

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