When day is as dark as night

March 13th, 2007

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Eugene Kane comments on the datytime shooting of an innocent bystander driving through the inner city last week:

“But when night falls, viagra buy cialis some streets take on a shadowy menace that makes personal safety seem more tenuous. All over the city, sovaldi there are streets that parents warn their children not to get caught on after the lights go on. Streets that come with a warning: “That’s a bad place to be after dark.”

When somebody gets shot at 11:18 a.m., cialis it’s fair to wonder what makes daytime any safer these days.”

I used to drive the same stretch of road where the killing took place a couple of times a month. My rule was I would take an alternate route after dark, but I never thought twice about making the same drive during the day…until now.

I am no longer willing to drive through this neighborhood at all and I’ve told my loved ones that I don’t want them doing it either.

I hate ceeding part of the city to the criminals, but I’d hate it even more if someone I loved died because they were trying to save eight minutes on their way to work.

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