What does the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel want?

June 17th, 2008

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial board titled their latest pro-illegal immigrant editorial “Abhorring a Vacuum”, viagra canada ampoule but the real vacuum is their absolute lack of suggestions for what to do about illegal immigration.

They’re content to complain about enforcement.

They’re willing to wail about the wall between the States and Mexico.

They love to deplore deportation.

But I have yet to see them have the balls to actually say what the do want.

Open borders? No rules? Free Social Security numbers for everyone who crosses the border illegally?

“Comprehensive Immigration Reform” is a meaningless phrase.

Some people who use it mean they want to close the border and kick the illegals out.

I suspect when the Journal Sentinel uses it, they mean open borders and amnesty.

But since they don’t have the courage to spell out what they want, I guess I’ll have to remind them that a vacuum isn’t only an absence of ideas…it also really sucks.

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