What a difference a year makes…actually…it made no difference. I’m still right. ;)

April 12th, 2007

The dropping of rape charges against three Duke Lacrosse players gives me the opportunity to reprint this post that I originally made nearly a year ago:

I’ve been saying privately that I didn’t think the Duke LaCrosse players raped anyone.

A contention that looks even more likely now that it’s been revealed that their accuser filed almost identical charges when she was 14.

My feeling has been that the men acted like asses. The woman got pissed off and decided to get “even” by accusing them of sexual assault. (I’m sure she never thought it would become a national story.)

However, cialis sale search I’ve also been saying that I thought EVERYONE involved in this story is guilty.

The players are guilty of boorish and brutish behavior.

The dancers are guilty of sleeziness.

And nearly all the commentators are guilty of using another dubious incident to project their own prejudices and hatreds onto the rest of the world.

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