Time for another edition of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Editorial Watch

May 11th, 2007

Unsurprisingly, viagra sale for sale the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel objects to any effort to impede illegal immigration.

Today’s editorial purports to be about the Real ID legislation that requires states to make their driver’s licenses tamper proof, cialis generic nurse but the Journal Sentinel’s real objection to the bill is that it might slow down the unrestricted flood of illegal immigration:

The Real ID legislation was tacked onto a 2005 emergency spending bill without sufficient debate. The target allegedly was terrorists. The real target is illegal immigrants.

Sorry, ailment even without driver’s licenses, they will continue to drive to those jobs the U.S. economy needs them to do because the rest of us won’t. They won’t go away.”

So, here again, the Journal Sentinel wants us to believe we need to encourage unlimited illegal immigration because there are “jobs the the U.S. economy needs them to do because the rest of us won’t.”

But doesn’t that conflict with their editorial stance from April 11th where they argued that welfare in Wisconsin has to be more generous because there aren’t enough jobs to go around?

“But the research paper itself shares with W-2 a fundamental flaw: a failure to grapple with the hard reality that there simply are not enough jobs to go around.”

If the working conditions at the jobs held by illegal immigrants are so onerous that unemployed American’s refuse to do them, shouldn’t the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel be arguing that the working conditions of those jobs need to be improved rather than using the unattractiveness of those jobs as an excuse to exploit third world workers?

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  • 1. Nick  |  May 11th, 2007 at 8:29 am

    Actually I think that’s a pretty poor reading of the editorial as a whole. Of course, my view on this is affected by my great dislike for the bill also.

    Many people who have pushed Real ID have done it out of a need to stop “terrorism”, but my own conversations with Jim Sensenbrenner reveal that his motiviation was in fact targeting illegal immigrants. What’s stranger still, is that the bill still allows illegals to get a drivers license, but that this special license wouldn’t be a valid ID for other purposes.

    Their point that a bill was attached as a rider to a supplemental spending bill is a good one. This bill will generate a huge amount of spending that is forced on states. At the very least, that amount of spending, and the policy implications that come along with should have been debated on its own merits. What the Journal doesn’t mention is that when the Real ID bill did stand on it’s own, IT FAILED TO PASS. How is this following the democratic process?

    All this spending, and all this trouble for an identification system that will be easily duped, like every other identification system currently in existance.

    I’d rather spend the money on something that worked.

  • 2. Administrator  |  May 12th, 2007 at 10:17 am

    A closer reading of my post, Nick, would show that I wasn’t really talking about the bill at all. I was highlighting the Journal Sentinel’s ongoing hypocrisy regarding jobs and illegal immigration. ;)

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