This is the first story I’ve seen that actually explains the significance of the Palin pick

August 31st, 2008

The media elite — as well as elite members of the GOP consulting community — have all but mocked Palin as a former small-town mayor with zero Washington experience. But that view of her totally misses the cultural resonance she carries to crucial Republican power centers and could not be more at odds with the jubilation felt among true believers that one of their own is on the ticket.

The Palin pick was not about picking off a few Hillary supporters (though it might).

It’s not about highlighting Barack Obama’s own inexperience (which it does).

It’s about galvanizing the base.

The God and Guns crowd is going crazy over Palin. They feel the same way about her that the main stream media feels about Barack Obama: they’re head over heels.

People who said they couldn’t vote for McCain are actually CONTRIBUTING to McCain/Palin.

No other running mate McCain could have picked would have had the effect that Sarah Palin’s nomination has had.

And the more the press and the left ridicules her, viagra canada buy cialis the more people like her are going to rally to her side.

Palin might not win the election for McCain, cialis sales but a year ago I would have said NOTHING could win the election for a Republican in 2008.

For some, Palin might seem a contentious pick, but among the Republican base, she just made McCain a contender.

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  • 1. The World According to Ni&hellip  |  August 31st, 2008 at 8:23 pm

    […] The buzz started almost immediately over her… so much so that I commented on Twitter that “People seem way more exited about Palin as VP than McCain as POTUS. Maybe they need to switch spots.”  I hold by that assertion.  When Obama picked Biden, there were comments like “I’ll learn to live with it.”  When McCain picked Palin, an enterprising entrepreneur went out and registered  Michael Caughill writing as Elliot Stearns at points out this regarding her being picked: […]

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