This I Believe

February 5th, 2006

I believe I’ll never get a chance to do This I Believe on NPR.

So, cialis usa treat I believe I’ll just go ahead and do it right here.

I believe in free speech, cialis generic patient free will, shop and free thinking. I believe everything else must be paid for.

I believe in self-reliance. I believe in lending a hand. And I believe there is no contradiction between the two.

I believe in rear wheel drive, manual transmissions, and convertable tops.

I believe the Kiltie in Oconomowoc, WI has the best frozen custard anywhere.

I believe I’ve found the love of my life.

I believe in dogs from the animal shelter.

I believe Nick Cave was right when he sang ” people just ain’t no good.”

I believe its more important to love someone than it is to be loved.

I believe in Macintosh computers.

I believe in wood-burning fireplaces.

I believe in the right to keep and bear arms.

I believe it’s not butter*.

I believe in action movies.

I believe 90% of everything is BS. And the other 10% is questionable.

I believe in TIVO.

I believe fetuses are human beings.

I believe I saw a ghost.

I believe in Door County.

I believe a good education is the key.

I believe I’m done…

…for now.

What I can’t believe is that anyone took the time to read this whole thing.

* Stolen from Patty Larkin’s song Don’t.

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  • 1. sheldn  |  February 5th, 2006 at 2:29 pm

    Then will you belive that not only did some one took the time to read this whole thing, they took the time to leave a comment?

    My thoughts on some of your thoughts
    Kilte – love the Kilte. don’t get there often enough.
    Mac – It doesn’t matter. as long as I can get online
    Butter/not butter – I don’t know whether truth in advertising or your 90/10% rule apply here, but it is not butter.
    Rear wheel drive, convertables, manual transmission – Gotta love stopping for custard to top off a great summer day after a ride in a muscle car.

  • 2. Administrator  |  February 5th, 2006 at 2:38 pm

    You’re right, I can’t believe you took the time to comment. ;)

    And Patty Larkin and I both agree with you:

    It is definitely NOT butter.

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