The unions are the little guys up against fat cat Scott Walker, right?

March 3rd, 2011

The head of public employee union AFSCME makes $480, viagra canada hospital 000 a year in total compensation. Approximately $300, viagra sales 000 in straight salary alone. (This number is harder to find.)

Governor Scott Walker’s salary as governor of Wisconsin in 2011: $137,092.

Tell me, who is the fat cat again?

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  • 1. Debunked  |  March 3rd, 2011 at 1:54 pm

    And how much per year is Bob King making, again? Let’s compare apples to apples, after all.

    How about how much oil company executives make? So you’re for attacking a public sector employee who makes $480k but not private sector employees who make millions off tax payers?

    Regardless, I could probably count on one hand the number of people I think are worth nearly $500k a year. And yet, how many executives do we have making millions a year who aren’t even worth half that $500k figure?

    Food for thought: $14 trillion GDP divided by 310 million Americans times (assumed) 3.5 people per household equals average household income of $158k a year. Why do conservatives say communism makes everybody poor, again?

  • 2. John Michlig  |  March 3rd, 2011 at 2:06 pm

    Stretching again, Elliot.

  • 3. Fuzz  |  March 3rd, 2011 at 2:18 pm

    The difference is that the union bosses are paid by the union dues that the union members are FORCED to pay them. Oh, and by the way, the union members are FORCED to be in the union.

    Private-sector executives make an amount of money that is sustainable for the company to stay in business. If that exec is under-performing, they are either ousted or the company goes out of business. Pay a valuable executive too little, and they’ll go to the competition.

    Nobody is being forced to patronize any business. Don’t like oil? Go buy a bike or a comfortable pair of shoes. Don’t like the bikes or the shoe companies? Go barefoot. Unlike the public sector union members, you’re free to do as you please.

    One more point: any business can contribute to any candidate – Democrat or Republican. You’re a fool if you think that CEOs only contribute to Republican campaigns.

  • 4. Debunked  |  March 3rd, 2011 at 2:39 pm

    Right, I’ll just stop using oil. I don’t care about those luxuries like heat or electricity. And how about the subsidies to farmers? I mean, I suppose I could go without eating too.

    Oh, and speaking of private sector executives making “an amount that is sustainable for the company to stay in business.”

    What about those big bank executives? You know, the ones we gave a bail-out to back under Bush? I mean, they were going to go belly up then a few months later turned around and gave hundreds of millions of dollars in bonuses to their executives.

    But I’m sure they have a sustainable model without tax-payer money.

    Re: One more point – Show me where I said CEOs only contribute to Republican campaigns. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

  • 5. Elliot  |  March 3rd, 2011 at 3:03 pm

    If you didn’t stretch a little, blogs would be boring!

    Bringing executives into the discussion is interesting to me, because I think executive compensation and union compensation share the same dynamic: the salaries of both groups are set by people who are paying them with other people’s money.

  • 6. Fuzz  |  March 3rd, 2011 at 3:04 pm

    Grow your own food. Chop some wood and build a fire to stay warm. Start walking south until you’re warmer. Nobody is forcing you to buy oil. It is a luxury that you choose to utilize. Private companies and executives shouldn’t have to give away money that they earned just because you think somebody else is entitled to it.

    I don’t think that the banks should have been bailed out. Financial ruin would prove a good lesson for what not to do in the financial industry.

    You didn’t address anything regarding the salaries of the union bosses that are paid by money that forced members are forced to pay.

    As for the CEO comment – I was just preempting your next Koch Bros. statement.

  • 7. Debunked  |  March 3rd, 2011 at 3:28 pm

    Fine, take your own advice then.

    Grow your own food, chop your own wood, and live in the forest on your own. You won’t need to pay taxes. Thus you don’t have to worry about paying taxes which will end up paying for public sector employee salaries.

    And I did address the salaries of union bosses.

    First, I said that there are very few people that I would think are worth those large amounts of money. Union bosses, public or private, not being them.

    And second, I made the point all of us pay taxes that go to things we don’t support. I even gave examples above.

    Hey, here’s an idea… Why don’t we let everybody allocate what percentage of each federal cabinet they want their income taxes to go toward. I mean, it’s not like 75% of people want to cut foreign aid, 69% want to cut military spending, 41% want to cut defense, and only 21% want to cut education.

    Finally, I’m not seeing where I said CEOs only support Republicans in that link. So, your point is what, exactly?

  • 8. John Foust  |  March 3rd, 2011 at 5:26 pm

    Next thing you know, we’ll be learning the meaning of median and mean, and the subtle ways that a distribution of values can affect them.

    Joke: Bill Gates walks into a bar, orders a rum and coke. Suddenly everyone in the bar is yer average multi-millionaire!

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