The police have a “bait” car. I wonder if it’s a Barracuda.

January 8th, 2006

I don’t know how I missed this before Christmas, viagra generic cure but my friends over at the MPD deployed a “bait” car to trap would-be car thieves over the holidays.

The official press release describes it as:

A tool that has proven to be effective in combating vehicle theft in other cities has been the deployment of a “bait car.??? Milwaukee Police will deploy a specially equipped vehicle in a high theft rate area to be stolen.

This vehicle will be equipped so that Police may track the vehicle, remotely shut it down and lock the doors at the investigator’s discretion. Additionally, a video camera is hidden in the vehicle to tape the actor stealing the auto. The “bait car??? will be equipped with GPS to assist officers in tracking it once it is stolen.

Of course, I already have my own set of wheels, but the rest of you better lay off the joy rides for a while.

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