The NY Times is probably the last people who should be giving Newsweek advice

June 7th, 2010

None of the advice in this NY Times article about how Newsweek can save itself is going to work – at least, viagra sales ed not as long as Newsweek keeps drifting to the political left.

For years, see I considered Newsweek the most centrist of the the newsweeklies. But starting with the George W. Bush’s first term, Newsweek got progressively more progressive. Now, it’s so nakedly liberal that I don’t ever need to read it. I can predict their stories before they even write them: a puff piece on President Obama, a couple stories on racist tea partiers, and a pro-gun control story.

After being a regular subscriber for nearly 20 years, I’ve let my subscription lapse and, at this point, I wouldn’t even renew if they offered to send it to me for free.

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