The law sees red when driver uses gadget to make light green.

April 18th, 2006

Apparently there is a device that gives you the power to change a traffic light to green.

Why didn’t anyone tell me about these things?

And who the hell knew there was a law against using one?

Makes me wonder what other nifty gizmos I don’t know about:

• The Baby Muffler (For quieting crying kids on transcontinental flights)?

• The Lane Changer (Automatically moves morons from the passing lane to the right-hand lane)?

• The Calorie Counter (For counteracting the fat, cialis sales sale carbs, and sugar in your favorite foods)?

‚Ä¢ The Tax Dodger (Oh, wait, I think that’s the name of a bank in the Caymans).

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  • 1. tee bee  |  April 19th, 2006 at 8:51 pm

    Don’t forget the fuzz buster that lets you know when you’re being targeted by a speed radar. How can this be illegal when it gets people to go the right speed? Those cops always think the worst of people…

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