The higher education reform we really need: Eight in State

January 23rd, 2006

In his state-of-the-state address, discount viagra search Jim Doyle said:

All 8th graders in the state will be given the chance to join the Wisconsin Covenant. If they pledge to stay in school, cialis buy cheap take challenging courses, recipe stay out of trouble, apply for state and federal financial aid and maintain at least a B average in high school, we’ll do our part and guarantee their family a package of financial aid that lets them walk through the doors of one of our U.W. campuses.

But to me that just means using more of my money to prepare more fine minds to bail out of the state the second they graduate.

I have a better plan:

Maintain an A average in high school AND college and we’ll pay for your entire college education.

The catch?

After you graduate you MUST live AND work at an appropiate job for your level of education in Wisconsin for the next eight years.

Break the promise and you owe us the prorated value of your education.

Before you dismiss this out of hand, let’s look at the potential benefits:

1.) It basically ends the brain drain.

2.) It will bring very smart young people to the state. (Yes, I want to extend it to out-of-state students.)

3.) This available group of highly-educated young people would act like a magnet attracting high-tech businesses to take advantage of the unprecedented pool intellegent workers.

4.) After 8 years in state a large number of the program participants would be likely to make Wisconsin their permanent home.

5.) Over the 8 year period, the additional revenue from state income taxes paid by program participants would go a long way towards paying for the program.

OK, go ahead and tell me how crazy I am.

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