The death of a thousand editorials

October 29th, 2006

I wish the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel would just hurry up and endorse Jim Doyle for Wisconsin Governor instead of trying to bleed Mark Green to death with a thousand little cutting editorials (including the one they just ran claiming Doyle is better than Green on the issue of education).

The truth is that Green is great on education. Merit pay for teachers alone is worth its weight in gold. And the fact that the educational powers-that-be give Green a low rating is another good reason to vote for him.

But none of that matters to Pravda West (AKA the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel). The only thing that would prevent them from eventually endorsing Doyle is if he admitted on camera that he was a necromaniacal cannibal.

(And I’m not 100% certain even THAT would stop them.)

So since they’re going to do it anyway, discount cialis hospital I would prefer they did it honestly in a single column instead of piling editorial after editorial up against Mark Green all the while pretending it’s just an impartial exercise in evaluating the issues.

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