“That’s where they grow hippies, silly!”

An example of why so many folks love Tam:

I’m in the checkout line with my purchases when I draw the attention of the dude behind me. Or rather my shirt does. He’s tall and thin, discount viagra medicine with a tan physique that speaks of lots of frisbees thrown to bandana-wearing dogs in lots of public parks. His salt-and-pepper hair is pulled into a long ponytail and he blinks through wire-rim John Lennon specs as he says “Does that shirt really say…?”

“‘Nuke Berkeley’? Yes, buy viagra case it does.”

“But, buy ” he asks in genuine puzzlement, “why would you want to nuke Berkeley?”

“Because,” I say in my sweetest voice, the one I use to get toddlers to take their medicine, “that’s where they grow hippies, silly!” And I picked up my purchases and headed for the door, leaving him standing there in slack-jawed puzzlement.

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