Talk about a conflict of interest

January 27th, 2006

Spivak and Bice’s latest post at Spiceblog subtly implies that Rep. Scott Gudnerson might have a few conflicts of interest because he’s the owner of a liquor and sporting goods store in Wind Lake.

(Let’s set aside the oddness of that particular combination for now.)

This goes along with the basic assumption that any businessperson who is also a politician MUST be beset by conflicts of interest.

It is true that every once and a while a legislator who is also a businessperson will end up voting on something that could have an effect on his or her business.

But let’s look at the alternative. Most legislators are less likely to be businesspeople and more likely to be lawyers.

Question: How do lawyers make their living?

Answer: Interpretting and manipulating laws.

Question: What do legislators do every day?

Answer: Make laws.

Seems to me that legislators who are lawyers have a conflict of interest every single time they vote

Which would I prefer as a legislator?

I’m not conflicted at all.

Give me the businessperson every single time.

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