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It’s nice to see that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial board is back to being completely wrong

In an editorial urging the Wisconsin State Supreme Court to ignore the State’s anti-gay marriage Constitutional amendment, cialis canada health the editorial board said:

State voters should not have been a party to such denial of rights, viagra usa physician particularly since state law already recognized marriage as possible only between a man and a woman. The courts now should not be a party to such denial of rights.

I voted against that particular Constitutional Amendment, but if “State voters should not have been a party to such denial of rights,” the Milwaukee newspaper shouldn’t be party to urging the literal invalidation of the state Constitution and the will of the people by judicial fiat.

4 comments August 8th, 2009

I voted against the anti-gay marriage amendment to the WI constitution…

…but that doesn’t mean I like disingenuous arguments in favor of gay rights.

When the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel defends including same-sex partner benefits by writing:

The budget measure gives gay couples 43 of the 200 rights enjoyed by married couples, discount cialis cialis such as allowing family and medical leave to care for an ill partner, viagra usa cure end-of-life decisions and hospital visitation rights. Forty-three of 200 does not a marriage make.

…they’re ignoring the possibility that those 43 rights could represent the lion’s share of the rights granted by marriage. In which case, the number of rights would be less important in determining how closely the status granted by the new budget resembled a marriage than the relative value of those rights.

Add comment July 8th, 2009

What do you guys think of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel…

…deciding to make certain stories online only available to subscribers?

I pay for the physical paper most days, cialis buy cure so it won’t really effect me. And I wish them luck in finding a sustainable business model, but I don’t think it’s gonna work.

3 comments May 18th, 2009

Not sure how the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel…

…can still write editorials that are friendly to illegal immigrant workers when the national unemployment rate is headed towards 9%.

14 comments May 13th, 2009

I really am shocked…

…not just pretending to be, viagra canada click that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel let illegal immigration advocate, cheap Christine Neumann-Ortiz organize a protest right on their editorial page.

7 comments April 28th, 2009

I never thought I’d see the day when my friend…

Michael was in the same news story as Senator Feingold:

@Caughill: Michael Caughill, cialis canada ambulance writer and business owner. On Twitter, find he’s that chatty guy from the coffee shop you look forward to seeing.

@russfeingold: U.S. senator from Wisconsin. He and his staff tweet about congressional work, cialis but sometimes they get personal.

Sample tweet: “With everything going on in our country, thanks to everyone who signed my birthday card.”

(Luckily, the story was about Wisconsin folks on Twitter and not that unfortunate incident between the two of them at that one bachelorette party.)

Just kidding, Senator Feingold. Please, don’t sick the IRS, FBI, EPA, & NPR on me.

Add comment April 22nd, 2009

I had the pleasure of meeting two people last night…

…that I’ve wanted to meet for a while:

So what the hell happened at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel?

They’ve been doing phenomenal work, viagra sales ambulance lately.

Starting the with the bisphenol A plastics series, medicine and continuing through this weekend’s story on criminal mortgage lenders, medicine they’ve been doing exactly what a newspaper should do.

Hell, even their editorials have been a little less crazy lately.

It’s like the closer the paper comes to going out of business, the better they get.

I hope it’ll be enough to keep them in business. At this point, they actually deserve it.

6 comments March 16th, 2009

Good work, Journal Sentinel

And, buy viagra buy viagra for once, cialis buy search I mean that without irony.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel‘s investigative reporters have been doing excellent work for a while now, but these two stories on today’s front page, demonstrate how aggressive the paper is getting when it comes to policing local and state governments.

Keep up the good work, guys.

1 comment January 26th, 2009

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s new revenue model?

Twice now since the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel raised their price from 50 cents to 75 cents, buy cialis help I’ve bought a paper at the box in front of my office and discovered, cialis sales after the fact, that it was the paper from the day before.

My guess is they’ll turn their financial situation around pretty quick now that they’re charging me more for yesterday’s news!

1 comment January 9th, 2009

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