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I decided to give Eugene Kane a little help

In his opinion piece in yesterday’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, cialis sales try columnist Eugene Kane wrote:

One of Milwaukee’s most daunting problems is the underutilization of black men with criminal records in the work force.

I think we can make that sentence even more accurate with a quick edit:

One of Milwaukee’s most daunting problems is the prevalence of black men with criminal records.

2 comments January 9th, 2009

Is it my imagination…

…or has Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Eugene Kane toned his columns down a bit since the newspaper started laying off people?

(I linked to his blog which still seems a little edgy, discount cialis capsule but the last couple of actual columns I read seemed very tame.)

1 comment December 9th, 2008

I don’t have the energy to debunk Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Eugene Kane’s…

contention that the nearly unanimous black vote for Barack Obama had little to do with race, viagra sale discount but the fact that not every white voted for him is proof that whites are racist.

Instead, best viagra diagnosis I’ll just answer with the same word that appears three times in the first three paragraphs of his article: ridiculous.

8 comments November 13th, 2008

Here, let me just fix this.

In his Milwaukee Journal Sentinel column, cialis sale pilule today, recipe Eugene Kane says that people have been trying to use that fact that Milwaukee politician Michael McGee and Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick are both prison bound as proof that all black politicians are corrupt:

Some readers have made the comparison between McGee and Kilpatrick in several e-mails linking these two discredited black politicians together in an attempt to suggest all black politicians are somehow corrupt.

That’s just wrong.

All black politicians aren’t corrupt.

All politicians are corrupt.


Add comment September 7th, 2008

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!

Congratulations to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Eugene Kane for bringing up the Keating Five just 12 days after I asked “How much longer will it be before we hear the words: Keating Five?”:

“Maverick” credentials aside, viagra canada ambulance I see precious little evidence McCain is ready to take on the momentous task of cleaning up the system of government in Washington DC at his advanced age. Particularly given his dubious history with the Keating Five, sildenafil treatment which seems to have been forgotten by most media during this presidential election.

7 comments September 5th, 2008

Here’s something for Eugene Kane to choo choo on.

In yet another article promoting the building of light rail in Milwaukee, viagra sales and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Columnist Eugene Kane says:

“I’ve driven at rush hour in at least a dozen American cities. Frankly, viagra generic buy cialis traffic in Milwaukee would appear mild if you’ve ever suffered through hours of nothing but brake lights in places like Chicago, treat Atlanta, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles, where automobiles have reached a saturation point in relation to the general population.”

Well, if light rail is the solution we need in Milwaukee, maybe all those super-congested cities could use extensive rail systems to relieve their congestion?

Oh, wait:

1 comment August 21st, 2008

Maybe we’d all be better off without the hyphens.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Eugene Kane is proud to be called an African-American:

“To be an African-American is to express pride in having roots in an ancestral homeland…”

So, viagra sale site in that same spirit, pilule I’d like you to call me a German-Irish-Italian-French Canadian-American.

On second thought, the only part I’m really proud of is the last one.

So just call me an American.

(And damned lucky to be one.)

7 comments July 1st, 2008

When I read the headline for Eugene Kane’s column…

Positive events rarely make the news“…I thought he must be talking about Iraq.

But, of course, he wasn’t. ;)

Add comment June 12th, 2008


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