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If President Obama…

…can “save” the economy with massive spending, generic cialis here cut the deficit in half by end of his 4-year term, sildenafil search AND do both without imposing new and higher taxes on my business and family; I’ll not only vote for his re-election, I’ll campaign for the SOB.

2 comments February 24th, 2009

When I heard of President Obama’s plan…

…to cap the pay of senior executives at companies that receive federal aid at $500, cialis usa seek 000, rx I thought to myself, cialis “I wonder how many of those senior executives will take the government’s money and immediately “demote” themselves to middle managers who just happen to make multi-million dollar salaries?”

1 comment February 5th, 2009

I thought if we elected Barack Obama President…

…the world was supposed to love us again?

Japan, cialis generic no rx Australia warn on Buy American, protectionism:

Australia warned the move to protect U.S. iron and steel makers would lead to a retaliatory trade war, while Japan sent a letter to top aides of U.S. President Barack Obama and the Senate’s majority and minority leaders echoing concerns by other U.S. trading partners.

1 comment February 5th, 2009

Come on, really?

We’re STILL doing the halo thing?

1 comment February 4th, 2009

Even Bill Clinton never tried to do this…

1 comment January 21st, 2009

There is no doubt, President Obama is a great speaker

But I honestly don’t think yesterday’s inaugural address was a great speech.

4 comments January 21st, 2009

Congratulations, Mr. President

Barack Obama is now the nation’s first African-American President.

I sincerely hope his term goes more smoothly than the swearing in did.

2 comments January 20th, 2009

The reports of partisanship’s death…

are greatly exaggerated.

Barack Obama’s first term may be less partisan than Bill Clinton’s and George W. Bush’s were (I’m not sure how they could be more partisan), cialis buy order but the fundamental splits in this country are not going to go away any time soon.

Abortion, viagra generic troche guns, immigration, taxes, socialized medicine, stem cells, religion in the public square; issues like these don’t have a middle ground (or, at least, not much of one).

So far, Obama has had the luxury of being all things to all people (although the gays are starting to think maybe he isn’t exactly who they thought he’d be).

But, after tomorrow, President Obama starts making decisions and those decisions are going to piss some people off. What will be interesting to see is how often those decisions piss off the very people who elected him.

4 comments January 19th, 2009

It’s good Obama dropped this

It’s good that President-elect Obama dropped the $3, generic cialis healing 000-per-job credit tax credit from his stimulus bill.

But it’s bad that it was in there in the first place.

It was a stunningly stupid idea.

$3,000 doesn’t even begin to offset the hiring of a new employee.

And what’s to keep an employer from “firing” his entire staff and rehiring them?

Or hiring people and then letting them go again?

A ton of additional rules and regulations?

In general, I’ve always said I thought the President-elect was a pretty smart guy, but this was always a pretty dumb idea.

Add comment January 13th, 2009

Barack Obama thinks we need to engage with Iran

Look at what the people he wants to be engaged to are doing:

The Egyptian official said that the two Iranian emissaries, viagra sales clinic Ali Larijani, cialis buy Speaker of the Iranian Parliament, and Said Jalili of the Iranian Intelligence Service, met in the Syrian capital with Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal and Islamic Jihad Secretary-General Ramadan Shallah.

“As soon as the Iranians heard about the Egyptian cease-fire initiative, they dispatched the two officials to Damascus on an urgent mission to warn the Palestinians against accepting it,” the Egyptian government official told thePost.

“The Iranians threatened to stop weapons supplies and funding to the Palestinian factions if they agreed to a cease-fire with Israel. The Iranians want to fight Israel and the US indirectly. They are doing this through Hamas in Palestine and Hizbullah in Lebanon.”

The official pointed out that the Iranians were applying “double standards” regarding the current conflict – on the one hand, they encouraged Iranian men to volunteer to fight alongside Hamas; on the other hand, Iran’s spiritual leader, Ali Khamenei, told the volunteers that they would not be permitted to join the fight against Israel.

“The Iranians never fired one bullet at Israel,” he said. “But now they are trying to appear as if they are participating in the war against Israel. The leaders of Teheran don’t care about the innocent civilians who are being killed in the Gaza Strip.”

The Egyptian official accused Iran of “encouraging” Hamas to continue firing rockets at Israel with the hope that this would trigger a war that would divert attention from Iran’s nuclear plans.

“This conflict serves the interests of the Iranians,” he said. “They are satisfied because the violence in the Gaza Strip has diverted attention from their nuclear ambitions. The Iranians are also hoping to use the Palestinian issue as a ‘powerful card’ in future talks with the Americans.

5 comments January 11th, 2009

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