Did Kane go insane?

February 22nd, 2007

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel race-baiting columnist Eugene “The Apologist” Kane outdid himself in today’s article.

Mostly he posits that certain issues in Milwaukee would get more attention today, buy viagra clinic if the world were going to end tomorrow. (He’s completely wrong about that. If the world really was going to end tomorrow, viagra generic cialis the resulting rioting and looting would make the sacking of Rome look like a fraternity party.)

But then he wrote something so astonishingly addled that he makes me wonder if he should reserve the room next to Brittany in rehab:

We might even come up with a way for black teenagers to enjoy Mayfair Mall without declaring a regional state of emergency.


Does Kane honestly think that the problems at Mayfair Mall are a result of black teenagers not enjoying themselves ENOUGH?

Isn’t carrying guns and wrestling cops fun?

Isn’t kicking a white guy in the head fun?

Isn’t cursing out cops after a movie fun?

I don’t know how much more fun Mayfair can stand, decease Mr. Kane.

The problem isn’t that black teens can’t enjoy Mayfair Mall. The problem is that it’s getting harder and harder for anyone else to enjoy Mayfair Mall because of the bad behavior of a few black teens.

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  • 1. James  |  February 22nd, 2007 at 5:05 pm

    You must be DA MAN! Cuz don’t ya kno that its DA MAN out to get the brotha for being black.

  • 2. Tim  |  February 22nd, 2007 at 5:56 pm

    It is the people like Kane who continue to support the thuggish behavior on the part of many black teens. He knows that this is not a race issue. It is about thugs, most of whom are black, spoiling the fun for everybody. These are the type of thugs that cause the mall to close so no black teens or anybody could have fun. Kane should actually speak against this type of thuggish behavior so that the mall can be enjoyed by black teens who are not thugs. And mall is not suppose to be a place for fun. It is suppose to be a place where people go to shop.That is exactly the problem with many of the thugs at Mayfair.

  • 3. Administrator  |  February 22nd, 2007 at 6:57 pm

    Hey James!

    You know what I wish more than anything in the world? That no black kid ever got into trouble again.

    I HATE sounding like a racist. I grew up a neighborhood that was at least 40% black. My best friend growing up was a black kid. (He went into the service and just retired last year.) My best male friend in the world today was born in China.

    I hate that there is something about the inner-city culture in Milwaukee that has lead to out-of-control black-on-black violence and the kind of misbehavior we’ve been seeing at Mayfair.

    I hate that blacks in America were victimized in ways that made this situation almost inevitable (first by slavery, and then by misguided efforts of the 1970s era welfare state).

    I would vote for a black man in a heartbeat (and I will vote for one against Hillary if it comes to that).

    (I’ll also point out that Eugene was the one who brought these boy’s blackness into the conversation. He implies that the uproar at Mayfair is because some black kids had the gall to try to enjoy the mall, not because some of these kids are doing some very unsavory things.)

    All the way down into my bones, I believe that people should be judged by their actions not the color of their skin. But I don’t think Mr. Kane should be able to play the race card and imply that black teenagers are being persecuted at Mayfair just because they happen to be black.

  • 4. Administrator  |  February 22nd, 2007 at 7:07 pm

    I changed my original headline, because – upon reflection – I decided it obscured, rather than furthered, my point.

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