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December 5th, 2007

Heroic little girl shot multiple times while shielding her mother:

A courageous little girl was shot this weekend while trying to shield her mother from a man with a gun.

Police tell The Detroit News that Calvin Tillie shot his ex-girlfriend in the head early Sunday morning while they were parked outside a gas station. Then, cialis usa malady when the little girl jumped over the seat and tried to shield her mother’s body, treat police say he shot the first-grader in the head, sales chest and arm with a handgun.(Reports about the total number of shots fired at the girl range from five to six.)

“Officers said they found [the girl] huddled on the floor under the steering wheel, covered in blood, surrounded by spent cartridge casings, a spent bullet on the floor and teeth on the seat,” the News reports. “There were bullet holes in the windshield and blood inside.”

The Detroit Free Press, a fellow Gannett newspaper, says Tillie, 29, was arrested at the scene. He is being held at the local jail on charges that he tried to kill the mother and daughter. The hero and her mom are said to be recovering from their wounds.

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