New York Times takes gratuitous swipe at gun owners.

According to today’s New York Times story on violent crime rising sharply in some cities (including Milwaukee):

A large part of the problem, sildenafil prostate the police say, buy viagra sick is simply more guns on the streets as gun laws have loosened around the country. In Philadelphia, cialis Commissioner Johnson said, since the state made it easier to get a gun permit in 1985, the number of people authorized to carry a gun in the city has risen from 700 to 32,000.

Oh my God, that’s so scary!

How many of the 380 murders committed in Philedelphia were committed by those 32,000 permit holders?


That can’t be right. Are you sure?


That’s right, as far as I can tell not a SINGLE murder was committed by a someone with a gun permit in Philidelphia, but the first thing the Commissioner thinks needs to be done is that the law abiding citizens should be disarmed.

Philidelphia Mayor John Street himself admited on CNN:

Well, we do believe that a moratorium on gun permits will be helpful. I want to point out that although people are not getting gun permits legally and going out and using them…

So if people aren’t getting gun permits legally and then using them for illegal purposes HOW WILL A MORATORIUM ON GUN PERMITS BE HELPFUL?

Of course, what a moratorium will do is make it HARDER for law-abiding citizens to defend themselves during a time of increasing violence.

It’s magical thinking. It’s illogical thinking. And it’s illegal thinking.

And, quiet honestly, it really pisses me off.

By the way, gun laws haven’t loosened in Milwaukee. Guess you’ll have to find a different explanation for us.

Of course, you could just start with my explanation.

(Although, to be fair, even the New York Times couldn’t help but notice that I’m 100% right about what most of the problem is caused by. They just couldn’t bring themselves to say it as honestly as I did.)

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