More murder in Milwaukee?

I once saw a pair of pruning shears snip through a padlock like a pair of blunt children’s scissors slicing through construction paper. At the time, viagra generic treat I remember wondering what those metal jaws could do if set against the bone and muscle of a human body.

This week, generic viagra I found out.

As you may have heard, someone in Milwaukee, Wisconsin used a pair of pruning shears or a tool very much like them to disassemble Ms. Susan Powers, prominent feminist author and lecturer, last Monday night.

The killer started at her toes. When he got to Ms. Powers’ ankles he changed tools. He went to work with a saw. It probably took six to seven minutes for him to make his way through both legs. Of course, by then she was certainly dead. But that didn’t stop the carnage. Next, he went after her knees with either a hatchet or an axe. And so on, as he reduced her body to its simplest components. Then he slung the garbage bags containing her ruined body over his shoulder and carried it to his car (or more probably a van) and drove it to a Milwaukee alley, where he tossed it unceremoniously into a Dumpster.

Why was Susan Powers the victim of such a savage and inexplicable attack?

Was it motivated by her feminism?

Or was her brutal murder related to a similar atrocity committed a month ago? People in Milwaukee will remember the dismembered body of 30-year-old mother Lisa Shriver discovered in another downtown Dumpster in July. Police now believe that the same man may have murdered both women and possibly a third.

Is a new psychopath stalking the same streets that Jeffery Dahmer once walked? Why did this killer choose these women? Did he know who Susan Powers was? Or did she simply fall victim to the same horrible bad luck that Mrs. Shriver did?

The Milwaukee police believe both women were abducted at one location and murdered at another. They are certain that neither woman was killed where she was found. Beyond this they have few clues. If a serial killer has begun harvesting the women of Milwaukee, he will be hideously difficult to catch. Police live and die by the old axiom that the majority of homicides are committed by someone the killer knows, but serial killers rarely know their victims personally. And unless they leave incriminating evidence or simply slip up, police say they are almost impossible to catch.

Let’s hope, for once, my friends at the police department are wrong.

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