Maybe I’m expecting too much from an awards show named after a guy

February 26th, 2007

Considering how politically correct the Oscars have become, buy viagra recipe why are they still giving away a Best Actor AND a Best Actress Oscar?

Aren’t they all just actors?

Isn’t it sexist to seperate the two?

To be politically consistent, sildenafil the Oscars should either have a single award for best actor…or, as they would probably prefer, have multiple awards for best actor, best actress, best hispanic actor, best lesbian actress, best straight woman playing a lesbian, and so on.

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  • 1. triticale  |  February 26th, 2007 at 3:00 pm

    It’s a good thing porn doesn’t count toward the Oscars. I’d hate to see best straight woman playing a lesbian going to a burntout skank in fingerless elbowlength gloves.

  • 2. goof  |  February 26th, 2007 at 5:42 pm

    For every actor, there is at least 100 other highly trained experts in the production of making a film.
    It is very demanding exacting work, long hours, crappy pay for most, and certainly not something your spinning here.
    Why to they give a male and a female an award?
    How come there aren’t equal numbers of liberals and conservatives in each film?

    Are you insane or just really stupid.
    Think book, epic novel. 600 page classic selling for over 300 years.
    Think great literature….and what kind of people do you find?
    Hmmm….man, woman, war, love, recovery from tragedy, funny humans, sad humans, accurate historical descriptions… any of these ring a bell, or are you still considering shaving your own head, to be trendy.

    a film is a story, like a book.
    It’s as simple as that, nothing more…no potically motivated hate agenda, o anything other than one story told visually.

    You finsihed Film 101.
    Now go get a DVD war movie of WWII.
    Watch every single scene, each time the camera angle changes, write down what you saw for each of those ‘scenes’ do it about 50 times for the same film…..then read your notes, and rewrite the script with different scenes, different actors, make the subtle little changes so your film is different than the one you’ve studied.

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