Let me get this straight:

If a private citizen has the nerve to ask a candidate for President a policy question (like “Joe the Plumber” did), viagra generic click he’s suddenly fair game for a full-out investigation into his life including whether or not he’s registered to vote, viagra or the status of his plumbing license or his standing with the IRS? (Oddly enough, online the press might have done Joe a favor by finding out that he owes some back taxes since the notice from the government was sent to an old address.)

I suppose the only person who can ask a politician a question anymore is someone with no skeletons in their closet.

Don’t get me wrong. If the press found out Joe the Plumber had been put up to asking Obama a question by the McCain campaign, that would be news.

But digging through his private life and publishing everything they can find that might be embarrassing in an effort to discredit the worthiness of his question is disturbing behavior and a recipe for the suppression of political speech.

(Also, I find it funny that the same people who are doing everything they can to destroy Joe’s privacy believe there’s an invisible right to privacy in the Constitution and don’t like it when the Bush administration listens into people’s conversations with terrorists. I bet the left-leaning blogs did more harm to Joe’s privacy in one night than anything the Bush administration did over the last 8 years.)

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