It goes both ways, Mr. Kane

March 29th, 2007

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Eugene Kane‘s latest blog post contains an interesting observation about Kiara Bullocks (the young woman who stayed with Scott Higgins as he lay dying in the street after being shot during a robbery):

Also, viagra sales cialis another reader pointed out an interesting fact.”You know, Kiara is exactly the kind of young person they don’t want at Mayfair Mall anymore.”It’s true she falls into the demographic of young people who will need parental escorts at certain times. That doesn’t mean mall management is targeting her specifically, but yes¬†the end result is the same. And that’s ironic.

You know what else is ironic? Mayfair’s policy would also keep the 16-year-old who murdered Scott Higgins in cold blood out of the mall, too.

That’s a tradeoff I’m more than happy to make.

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