Is homosexuality a birth defect?

Or perhaps a genetic disorder?

Some opponents of the anti-gay marriage amendment in Wisconsin have been pointing out that they shouldn’t be denied their right to marry because they didn’t choose to be gay.

And I agree with them. I don’t think homosexuality is a choice.

So if it’s not a choice, viagra sales for sale it must be biological.

And if it’s biological, viagra generic science will eventually find a way to prevent it…or reverse it.

What happens then?

For example, when there is a prenatal test for homosexuality available and people decide to abort their unborn children, will that change how the Left feels about abortion? Will it change how the Right feels about it?

Also, at that point, homosexuality WILL be a choice. Will society be less tolerant of homosexuality because homosexuals could chose to be heterosexual if they wanted to?

I don’t know the answers, but I do know that when there is an effective treatment for homosexuality the political upheaval is going to make this skirmish over gay marriage look like a polite disagreement over where to eat lunch.

2 comments October 19th, 2006


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