Is he on crack, too?

June 20th, 2006

A Connecticut mayor admits to using cocaine while in office, viagra sales viagra but refuses to resign.

He says:

“I have put this personal struggle behind me and it has never, best cialis viagra ever affected my job performance, pharmacyFabrizi said. “The tremendous progress Bridgeport has made over the past three years is a testament to that. Folks, my record speaks for itself.

Don’t you think that participating in and supporting an illegal activity in his community would be a black mark on this guy’s “job performance?”

Aren’t mayors supposed to be AGAINST crime?

He’s a democrat in a democratic bastion, so my bet is nothing will happen to him.

But isn’t it funny?

We’ll happily arrest black men in the inner city for dealing coke.

But we’ll let a white mayor who uses the stuff stay in office.

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