Iran promises “mother of all battles”

February 1st, 2006

OK. Not really.

But close enough.

According to viagra generic treat ,1700269, site 00.html”>The Guardian, Iran’s Foreign Minister warned that any military action by the U.S. or Israel against Iran would have “severe consequences” and would be countered “by all means” at Iran’s disposal.

Seriously, haven’t these guys been paying attention?

Iraq fought Iran to a draw for eight years.

The U.S. beat Iraq TWICE. Both times in a handful of days.

My bet is Israel could kick Iran’s ass in a couple of weeks.

If anyone should be concerned about “severe consequences,” I think it should be Iran.

Now, somebody out there might be saying we haven’t really “won” the most recent war in Iraq. Of course we did. What we’re having a hard time winning…is the peace.

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