How many times a day must you post to be a successful blogger?

When I first started blogging, discount cialis rx I set a goal for myself of posting at least three times a day.

I did that because I firmly believed the more you posted, healing the more people would read. It was like sympathetic magic: if you post it, they will read.

And maybe that was true in the days before RSS feeds.

Back when you had to manually check a blog to see if the author had updated it, bloggers who failed to keep their audience fed probably found themselves forgotten pretty quickly.

But with RSS feeds, I’m able to see a post by one of my favorite bloggers within minutes of them making it.

In fact, I much prefer to read insightful, well-thought out posts by Rick Esenberg

…or fun, funky posts by guys like Lawdog

…or unique and refreshing posts by James Harris

…(all of whom post relatively rarely)…

…than be deluged by the flood of frivolous froth generated by uber-bloggers like Ann Althouse.

(I think Ann is often worth reading, but it sometimes feels like you’re sitting next to her at the beauty parlor and listening to her blabbing to her hairdresser. Although, I must say, if you follow that link you will discover that Ms. Althouse was a real hottie.)

So what do you guys think: is it better for a blogger to post a lot while saying very little, or say a great deal but not post very often?

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