God’s a Hermaphrodite?

July 21st, 2008

This article about whether God is a male or dual-gendered makes me ask, cialis help “why would God have a gender at all?”

Sexes are only necessary if there is sex…and someone to have it with.

Surely, sildenafil our monotheistic society doesn’t believe there’s a female God out there somewhere waiting for God to return her calls?

I guess I’ll just have to lump this with other unanswerable religious questions like “Did Adam have a belly button?” And “Why did God create two different sexes if discovering sex was gonna get them kicked out of the Garden of Eden in the first place?”

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  • 1. Wendy  |  July 21st, 2008 at 5:33 pm

    I don’t think God has a gender, but it’s hard to personify a genderless being, so people just kinda called him a “he.”

    And when God spoke and sounded like Donald Hayne, that kinda sealed the deal because it’s hard to picture a woman who speaks like that.

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