Driver gets ticket for blowing horn at cop…and I get really honked off

February 24th, 2006

Some kid in Tennessee honked at a cop for using his flashers to bypass a red light and then turning them off again.

Would I have honked?


But that’s because I have a proper fear of the unrestrained power of police officers.

The cop immediately gave the kid a ticket.

But the best part was when the kid got to court and Judge Russell Bean (which sounds way too close to Judge Roy Bean for my taste) told him:

“The horn blowing is not the real problem here, sildenafil ailment it’s that you were trying to correct the police and they didn’t need correcting.”

Yes, discount cialis sickness Judge Bean, capsule the police are above criticism.

I’m sure the sex offenders, drug traffickers, and assaulters of citizens in the Milwaukee Police Department would have loved it if no one criticised them.

Because we know cops would never turn on their flashers just to blow through a red light.

What an ass this judge sounds like.

I never fail to be astonished by the arrogance of the judicial system in this country.

They remind me of the tin-pot dictators that run school classrooms.

Their basic stance seems to be “I’m right. You’re wrong. Sit down and shut up.”

I knew justice was supposed to be blind, I was unaware that it was also supposed to be dumb.

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  • 1. Wm. Clement  |  February 24th, 2006 at 3:11 pm

    Since I’ve been driving Semi, I’ve lost a lot of respect for the police. Too often I see them running red lights, stop signs, illegal U-turns, etc. Judges have way to much power, beyond what the Constitution intended, I believe.

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