Don’t you know your right from your left?

May 12th, 2008

From folkbum’s rambles and rants:

More people are waking up to the idea that government does have a constructive role in bringing progress. Over the last 25 years we have seen the effects of limiting government’s role as evidenced by our crumbling infrastructure, cialis sale ambulance our falling behind in research world-wide and the idea that in our financial markets we have to have a referee to prevent chaos on the playing field, thanks to the sub-prime mortgage blow-up.

Also polls show that Americans are warming up to government financed health care.

Looks like Milwaukee might be heading in the right direction.

Funny. Sounds more like the “left” direction to me. ;)

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  • 1. Chris  |  May 12th, 2008 at 4:56 pm

    I can’t wait to see how they intend to pay for all that juicy socialism they have planned, Oh yeah I remember they will just take more and more from people like my family

    What a great country we have built where you get punished for actually making the right choices and playing by the rules.

    The day of the looters is coming and if they can get the Looter king elected to in November it will be interesting to see how bad they can screw it up in four short years.

    Funny they never want to talk about what the 50 years of too much government got us can anyone say Great Society and the war on poverty.

    We are about to enter a period in our nation that will make us look back on 76-80 like they were the good times.

    But hey as long as we have dragged everyone down to the lowest standard at least it will be fair.

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