Does the victim ever deserve to be blamed?

August 13th, 2007

This weekend, viagra canada sildenafil Milwaukee Journal Sentinel lifestyle columnist Vikki Ortiz wrote about how worried her and her friends were when they couldn’t reach Kristine, a friend of theirs who had went off with a man she had met at a bar the night before.

… as I settled into work, I noticed a nervous text message from Ann. She’d been trying to reach Kristine for hours with no success. She worried that something might have happened with the stranger.

I reasoned with her that Kristine had sent me a text saying she was safe.

But then panic took over.

What if Kristine really wasn’t safe at 2 a.m. – and the stranger sent that message to buy time for his evil plans?

I e-mailed Kristine. No reply.

I thought about Kelly Nolan, the 22-year-old who disappeared recently after a night out in Madison. The 125-pound brunet separated from her friends while at bars on State St. Days later, her body was discovered in the woods miles away.

Ann left Kristine a voice-mail. No answer.

Sometimes, it feels like my friends and I are overly cautious when it comes to looking after one another.

But are we?

I don’t know if here friends were too cautious or not…but I can tell you that Kristine was not cautious enough.

Going off alone with some guy you just met is the act of a potential victim.

Get the guy’s number or arrange to meet someplace for lunch or dinner the next day, but never go off with a stranger by yourself. No one is cute enough to die for.

In this case, the young lady didn’t pay for her lack of caution, but enough women have died in similar circumstances to act as a note of caution for the rest of us.

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