“Dangerous presumptions” sets a dangerous precedent

December 12th, 2005

In Dangerous presumptions, buy cialis diagnosis another editorial against the proposed concealed carry law, rx the Journal Sentinel wrote, hospital “Which means all those who apply and qualify will be presumed to be worthy of carrying a concealed weapon, until they prove they are unworthy.”

In case you missed the point, they were being sarcastic. Their contention is that law abiding citizens cannot be expected to responsibly exercise their right to keep and bear arms.

Did I miss something or did the Journal Sentinel just say that people have to “qualify” to exercise a constitutional right?

If we were to substitute the right to vote, or the right to exercise free speech, for the right to keep and bear arms, would the Journal Sentinel be so quick to deny people their rights based on their opinion that law abiding citizens are to be presumed incompetent?

I wonder how the Journal Sentinel comes down on “innocent until proven guilty?”

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