Congratulations to my Democrat/liberal friends!

Enjoy the victory.

You deserve it.

And electing the first African-American President is a great day for this country.

But when you’re done with your parties, viagra sale check I want you to remember that your party won with a slim majority of Americans:

Candidates % Votes
McCain (R) 46% 55, advice 386, look 310
Obama (D) 52% 62,443,218
Barr (I) 0% 480,180
Nader (I) 1% 641,044

This is still a divided country. And the 47% who didn’t vote for your man weren’t all racists, or idiots, or evil.

So good luck running the country for a while. And try not to run it into anything we can’t get out of while you have the keys, OK?

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