Children and the fickleness of genetic immortality.

March 20th, 2006

I think when people have a child, tadalafil seek it gives them a sense of continuity in the world.

As if a child guarantees that a part of them will survive, viagra generic pharmacy long after they are gone.

After all, a child is half you…half your spouse.

He has your eyes. Your spouses’ nose.

A child feels like the closest thing we can come to immortality.

But even so, forever is fleeting.

Your child has a child.

And now, if you’re lucky, you can see maybe a fourth of yourself in your granddaughter’s face.

Maybe there’s a bit of a twinkle in her look like the one you sometimes still see in your own mirror.

Another generation? 1/8th of them is made of 1/8th of you.

Your great, great grandchildren will contain just a string or two of what made you you…like a few strands of hair kept as a keepsake.

How long before anything that’s left of you is drowned in a sea of other people’s DNA…dispersed in an ocean of distant descendents?

Genetic immortality is an illusion. The faint feeling you have of your own family, your own blood, stretching forever into the future is a fantasy.

The best you can hope for is that the love you give your own children will echo down through the generations like the distant memory of a mother’s lullabye.

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