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Ronald Reagan is making the world safe again…this time from mosquitoes

This is an invention that definitely deserves to get lost of buzz:

AMERICAN scientists are making a ray gun to kill mosquitoes. Using technology developed under the Star Wars anti-missile programme, sildenafil try the zapper is being built in Seattle where astrophysicists have created a laser that locks onto airborne insects.

2 comments March 16th, 2009

Now, this is a super idea

Ad agency Crispin, buy viagra stuff Porter + Bogusky is brilliantly promoting itself by letting anyone turn themselves into a superhero.

(Too bad they didn’t have a wheelchair option.)

Discovered at Rustmeister’s Alehouse

4 comments February 18th, 2009

From the time before drive ins…


2 comments November 26th, 2008


…when iTalk.

Check out the exceedingly cool new Google Mobile iPhone app with voice search.

That’s right VOICE search.

2 comments November 18th, 2008

She was heartbreakingly beautiful…

…but whenever I see a picture of her, discount viagra levitra I can’t help but remember she left the world with her heart broken.

Add comment June 9th, 2008

Some of the biggest truths aren’t spoken, they’re sung

The life that i’ve been living
From the day i first drew breath
Has been my way of forgetting
I’m on the journey to my death

The Proclaimers – The More I Believe

Add comment April 7th, 2008

I just tore through a new book…

…called The Name of the Wind, viagra treat just to discover that it was “to be continued.”

After I got over being pissed, viagra usa sovaldi I discovered that the author is a fellow Cheesehead, sick Patrick Rothfuss.

Nicely done, sir. Nicely done.

Now get back to work and get the rest of the damn story in my hands.

Add comment March 24th, 2008

The best online catalog ever

This online catalog takes forever to load AND it’s written in German, viagra generic sildenafil but it is really, really worth waiting for.

Trust me on this one.

(By the way, it’s work- and kid-safe.) 

4 comments March 24th, 2008

I’m not really into…

steampunk, viagra sale ask but this is freaking cool:

2 comments March 4th, 2008

Despite what my more liberal friends might think…

…this is not a picture of the average conservative.
It’s a creature from the upcoming video game SPORE.

(Which will probably be devouring most of my time come September.)

3 comments February 13th, 2008

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