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A pro-life agnostic?

Someone asked me once to explain why I leaned pro-life.

The preconception is that to be pro-life you must be a bible-thumper, viagra sales treatment a woman-hater, physician or both.

To the confusion of many folks on either side of the abortion debate, I am neither.

I have many reasons for believing abortion is wrong, but one of the main ones is simply the fact that I prefer sharply drawn lines.

I like objective criteria and when it comes to when a person becomes a person, there are only two sharply drawn lines: birth and conception.

While there may be a few fanatical pro-choicers who might argue that it’s not a baby until the last toe leaves the vagina, most folks recognize that a baby is as much a person a minute before it’s born as it is a minute afterwards.

That leaves conception as the only bright line.

Before conception, there’s nothing but a couple of 1/2 complete cells. Afterwards, there’s a genetically distinct life that any unbiased outside observer would have to qualify as belonging to the human species.

Is it the person that it will become?


But it has passed the one true boundary between potential human life and inevitable human life.

You can argue as much as you want about viability, but with the continuing advance of medical technology that line keeps moving further and further back. Many babies that are “viable” now, would not have been at the time of Roe vs. Wade. But conception is the line that doesn’t move. And it’s the only logical place to say, “before this there was nothing…after this there is everything.”

7 comments February 14th, 2008

Something I’ve never understood about reincarnation:

If you can’t remember any of your past lives, cialis buy unhealthy does it matter whether they happened or not?

4 comments January 11th, 2008

The story of a man who threw four children off a bridge to their deaths…

…makes me want to puke.

What do we do about a man who could heartlessly throw four children under the age of 3 to their deaths?

What law could have prevented what he did?

What punishment is suitable?

Killing him won’t bring those kids back.

Or undo the fear, best viagra medical and confusion they must have felt.

I want to cry.

How the hell are men like this created?

What philosophy can explain his actions?

And what do the rest of us do about him?

3 comments January 9th, 2008

As if we didn’t already know George Orwell was a genius

From the unpublished preface of George Orwell’s Animal Farm:

If liberty means anything at all it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.

3 comments December 31st, 2007

The U.S. Constitution is the first and last word on U.S. law?

I found this quote on the social networking news site DIGG:

The U.S. Constitution is the first and last word on U.S. law.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, sildenafil patient no.

The people are the first and last word on U.S. law. The Constitution is the most binding expression of the people’s will. It can be changed (amended) anytime the people see fit.

Folks…it all comes down to violence and the desire to avoid it.

The Constitution, discount viagra laws, government, voting, and “rights,” are all just cultural constructs designed to keep me from beating the living crap out of you and taking all your stuff. (And vice versa.)

Ironically, governments are probably responsible for more violence and theft than would exist if they had never been invented in the first place.

And that’s my libertarian rant for the day.

Add comment November 27th, 2007

I don’t want to be a leader and I’m certainly not willing to be led.

More than half of Americans—56 percent—say they’re not proud of the country’s leaders.


Maybe when that number hits 92% we can get rid of the leaders and start thinking for ourselves.

4 comments November 12th, 2007

I’m just gonna throw the book at him.

In today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, viagra pills a creationist tried to use logic to imply that people who believe in evolution are being hypocritical if they act in a moral fashion.

Rather than write a long rebuttal to his simplistic stupidity, cialis sale pilule I’ll just link to a book that already does it for me.

3 comments November 3rd, 2007

This story about losing a patent fight…

the one right here

…reminds me how much I hate web-based patents.

NOTHING on the web should be patentable.

Should you be able to protect specific intellectual property? Yes.

Should you be able to patent the mere idea of a drop down menu or launching a music file by clicking on it?


1 comment October 18th, 2007

Another difference between Liberals and Conservatives

The comment thread on this post at The World According to Nick demonstrates something I’ve often thought:

Liberals believe the world can be made safe via more gun laws, viagra viagra more psychiatry, best cialis shop more helmets, and more restrictions. Eventually, they’ll legislate danger out of existence.

Conservatives know that the world cannot be made completely safe and thus resent and resist limitations on their freedoms made in the name of reducing risk.

(Smart Liberals like my friends Jay, Capper, or Grumps, will try to point out that my last statement isn’t true when it comes to national security. But I respond by pointing out that Conservatives don’t think that warrantless wiretaps are restrictions on their freedom.)

5 comments October 9th, 2007

Flying first class is the best…

…especially when you’re not the one paying for it:

Government employees spent at least $146 million in a year on business- or first-class airline tickets that violated government policies requiring workers to fly coach, viagra generic ailment a new report says.

It’s too easy to spend other people’s money…and that’s all government does.

Remember that every time you advocate a new government program or more government employees.

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