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I’m shocked that this was on the Huffington Post

George W. Bush Bikes With Injured Vets, cialis buy cialis Reflects On White House Decisions, Life After The Presidency.

Add comment May 31st, 2013

What ever happened to reporting?

I was listening to NPR’s This American Life’s latest episode this weekend, cialis sales rx when I was struck by how large their blind spot is when it came to guns.

The story was about a Chicago high school that had seen an enormous number of shootings. Eventually, troche they asked the question: where were all the guns coming from?

A very good question, especially considering that Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the nation.

The conclusion? Straw buyers (people who buy handguns legally but then give them to people, usually felons, who would not be allowed to buy a gun themselves) and the infamous “gun-show” loophole (that’s when people buy guns from private sellers who aren’t required to do background checks on the people they sell to).

Well, I guess that’s possible. But then the very next subject made me question their assertion AND their journalistic credentials. The reporters asked the kids how much a gun cost on the street. The numbers the teens threw around were all around a couple hundred bucks.

The very next thing a real journalist would have asked is who the hell is eating the difference in the retail cost of the gun and the street price?

This is what I mean: a straw purchaser is paying full price for a gun. For a Glock that’s probably around $500. Plus, guns hold their value extremely well, so even at a gun show, a decent gun is unlikely to sell for much under $300 or $400.

So if all the guns are coming from gun stores and gun shows, who the hell is eating the difference between the cost of the gun and the price that the kids are buying it at?

Am I supposed to believe the straw buyers are taking a loss on each sale out of the goodness (or in this case the badness) of their hearts?

Something doesn’t make sense. And when something doesn’t make sense, a journalist is supposed to ask more questions. The reporters at This American Life didn’t bother.

The question I’d like to ask them, is why?

4 comments February 26th, 2013

Is it too much to ask for a fair fight?

I know the legacy media is irredeemably biased in favor of Obama, but if the refs in the Superbowl behaved the way the supposedly neutral press has during this Presidential election, the crowd would hang them from the nearest goalpost.

8 comments September 20th, 2012

What will we do…

…now that we’ll no longer have Eugene Kane to kick around?

2 comments September 18th, 2012

NPR shocked me, today

I’m a daily listener to WPR and NPR. I’m used to their subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle liberal bias.

But, generic cialis cialis today, pilule I heard something on Morning Edition that shocked me.

In a news break, Renee Montagne said that the Romney campaign was upset because VP Biden said Romney/Ryan would” unchain Wall Street.”

And she stopped there; leaving the impression that the Republicans were upset that they were caught supporting Wall Street.

But that’s NOT what the Republican’s are upset about.

It was Biden following up the Wall Street comment by telling the largely African-American audience that the Republicans were going to “put you back in chains.”

By leaving out that pertinent fact, Montagne sanitized the ugliness of what Biden said and turned the incident into a de facto smear of Romney & Ryan.

Not cool, Ms. Montagne. Not cool at all.

20 comments August 15th, 2012

Here, let me fix that for you

According to their headline, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wants us to know that “Poll: Nearly half of state voters want gun laws to stay the same”.

Which is true.

Of course, it would have been more accurate to say “Poll: More than half of state voters want gun laws to stay the same OR be made less strict”.

8 comments August 8th, 2012

Apparently, it’s not “media bias”…

…it’s media blindness.

First, consider that journalists are overwhelmingly liberal.

Then understand that

in a survey of 2, healing 000 Americans, Haidt found that self-described liberals, especially those who called themselves “very liberal,” were worse at predicting the moral judgments of moderates and conservatives than moderates and conservatives were at predicting the moral judgments of liberals. Liberals don’t understand conservative values. And they can’t recognize this failing, because they’re so convinced of their rationality, open-mindedness and enlightenment.

So it’s not just that liberal reporters are biased against a conservative point of view…it seems they’re incapable of even seeing it in the first place.

1 comment March 27th, 2012

Someone at Al Jazeera doesn’t approve of Rick Perry

A fact I view as a glowing endorsement.

1 comment August 28th, 2011

Training for concealed carry

I understand the argument that keeping and bearing arms is an absolute right, discount viagra treatment but I agree with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s editorial that Wisconsin would be better served by a concealed carry permitting system that included some required training.

A class on the legal obligations of self-defense alone would be invaluable.

3 comments May 12th, 2011

Here’s a question for yout:

When did THE SPECTATOR start letting people who are bat-shit crazy write articles?

5 comments March 23rd, 2011

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