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I can’t tell you how scary it is…

…the the difference between freedom and tyranny is a single vote:

By a 5-4 vote and splitting along conservative and liberal lines, cialis sales physician the nation’s highest court extended its landmark 2008 ruling that individual Americans have a constitutional right to own guns to all the cities and states for the first time

17 comments June 28th, 2010

More people target shoot than golf?

According to a study conducted by Responsive Management, cialis usa cheap 34.4 million Americans went target shooting in 2009.

For comparison, viagra usa 28.6 million Americans golfed (a minimum of one round) in 2008, according to the National Golf Foundation.

The Responsive Management study included a wide spectrum of shooting activities at gun clubs and ranges, including hunters sighting in rifles, trap and skeet shooters and handgun owners practicing marksmanship.

Although the number – about 15% of the nation’s population – is not insignificant, target shooters are a distinct minority in America.

And unlike golf, shooting carries a negative stigma in much of mainstream America.

Negative stigma? And, yet, our TV shows and movies are filled with firearms righteously used. So are our books and video games.

It’s only the press, the politicians, and the the people who buy into their anti-gun propaganda who think target shooting has a negative stigma.

4 comments May 25th, 2010

Pistol packin’ Milwaukee?

I’m very pleased that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is rethinking it’s opposition to a concealed carry law in Wisconsin.

I’m less thrilled that they think we need to make some sort of deal in order to exercise our Constitutional rights.

(And honestly, best viagra decease I don’t trust that they wouldn’t make it nearly impossible for your average citizen to get a permit while making it clearly illegal to carry a gun without one.)

Add comment January 31st, 2010

Remember, knives don’t kill people. (And neither do guns.)

People kill people. Whether they have guns, viagra hospital knives, viagra sales search clubs, or their bare hands.

A dagger-wielding psycho was shot to death by an NYPD cop in Harlem on Wednesday night after stabbing two men in his apartment building – killing a courageous neighbor who tried to help the other victim, police said.

Add comment October 8th, 2009

If you hate guns…

…name another way a viagra pills 2933, cialis canada find 553062,00.html”>nude 91-year-old man could defend himself from a healthy 26-year-old?

3 comments September 22nd, 2009

How nice of the authorities…

…not to prosecute a shop owner for having the impudence to protect himself in his own establishment from two armed men.

I’m so glad we have such a generous government.

1 comment September 12th, 2009

And now I can put off writing my own yearly diatribe against gun control a little longer

Because I can just link to this instead:

A vote for gun control is a vote for thunderdome.

1 comment August 25th, 2009

The Mayor of Milwaukee gets beaten with a TIRE IRON…

…and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel takes the opportunity to write an editorial in favor of gun control……………………………………………………………

7 comments August 21st, 2009

The men carrying firearms to Obama protests are within their rights…

…but I’m concerned the practice is going to spark a backlash against the right to bear arms.

6 comments August 17th, 2009

The logic of the Left?

Guns which might hurt someone MUST be controlled.

Abortion which definitely hurts someone MUST NOT be.

9 comments May 22nd, 2009

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