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“Guns not allowed” signs make people less safe

Not just because they create “gun free” zones that can very easily become “free fire” zones.

But because they force people to handle their weapons in public and manipulating a weapon is much more dangerous than leaving it safely in its holster.

For example: this morning I needed to go into a bank that prohibits concealed carry. I was in a vehicle without a lockbox in and I had a passenger. Before I went into the bank, cialis canada treatment I had to draw my weapon, drop the magazine, and eject the round in the chamber. The entire exercise was carried out in the close confines of a vehicle with another person in the car. I left the unloaded weapon and took the rounds with me. When I returned to the car, I repeated the entire process in reverse order. Doing this in the bank’s parking lot was much less safe than it would have been if I had just left the gun in its holster, went into the bank, did my business and came back out.

I did all this as safely as I could – observing all the rules of safe gun handling – but it’s indisputable that the odds of the gun going off once I started manipulating it were higher than if I had just left it alone in its holster.

So by not allowing me to lawfully carry my weapon into their lobby, the bank actually increased the danger to themselves, their customers, and their neighbors.

But, as usual, I doubt logic had anything to do with the bank’s decision to post their sign.

8 comments March 16th, 2012

When Wisconsin made it legal for me to carry a gun again

I decided I needed a new pistol.

In the end, tadalafil pills I opted for a Kimber Stainless Pro TLE II (LG) – a 1911-style .45 semi-automatic with integrated Crimson Trace Lasergrips.

Why did I pick it?

Well, cialis for one thing, it’s absolutely gorgeous.

For another, this is how I shoot with it (using iron sights only at about ten yards):

And lastly, I asked myself: would I want someone using laser sights and flinging .45 caliber chunks of lead at me?

When I answered, “hell no,” I knew I had found my gun.

3 comments March 14th, 2012

Apparently, some civil liberties…

…are more equal than others.

20 comments March 14th, 2012

A friend of mine applied for Wisconsin’s new concealed carry permit, today

He sent the application from a post office…where he won’t be allowed to use his permit once he gets it.

Add comment November 14th, 2011

To keep our children safe…

We teach them how to operate a car in Driver’s Ed.

We teach them how to swim in Phys. Ed.

We teach them about the perils of Marijuana, viagra generic cialis Cocaine, buy cialis unhealthy & Meth in Health Ed.

We teach them about AIDS, case Syphilis, Gonorrhea, & Herpes in Sex Ed.

But we mostly never teach them about the safe handling of firearms in Gun Ed.

Thirty-eight percent of households contain at least one firearm.

Taking the prevalence of guns into account, is it really more important that we teach kids how to put a condom on a banana than how to work the safety on a hunting rifle?

3 comments October 18th, 2011

The real “inconvenient truth”

Politicians predicted disaster. “More handguns in the District of Columbia will only lead to more handgun violence, generic viagra prescription ” Washington’s Mayor Adrian Fenty warned the day the court made its decision.

Chicago’s Mayor Daley predicted that we would “go back to the Old West, cialis canada viagra you have a gun and I have a gun and we’ll settle it in the streets . . . .”

The New York Times even editorialized this month about the Supreme Court’s “unwise” decision that there is a right for people “to keep guns in the home.”

But Armageddon never happened. Newly released data for Chicago shows that, sick as in Washington, murder and gun crime rates didn’t rise after the bans were eliminated — they plummeted. They have fallen much more than the national crime rate.

Not surprisingly, the national media have been completely silent about this news.

via Media Silence Is Deafening About Important Gun News | Fox News.

1 comment October 4th, 2011

Training for concealed carry

I understand the argument that keeping and bearing arms is an absolute right, discount viagra treatment but I agree with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s editorial that Wisconsin would be better served by a concealed carry permitting system that included some required training.

A class on the legal obligations of self-defense alone would be invaluable.

3 comments May 12th, 2011

I’d point out this psycho didn’t need a gun…

…to kill four people in a stabbing spree, tadalafil viagra but then someone will point out he could have killed more with a gun.

The whole argument just wears me out.

13 comments February 12th, 2011

How do members of Congress react to a lunatic shooting of one of their own?

By taking shots at the First and Second Amendment, cialis generic thumb of course.

McCarthy’s spokesman confirmed the legislation will target the high-capacity ammunition clips the Arizona gunman allegedly used in the shooting, tadalafil but neither he or the congresswoman offered any further details.

“Again, pills we need to look at how this is going to work, to protect people, certainly citizens, and we have to look at what I can pass,” McCarthy said. “I don’t want to give the NRA – excuse the pun – the ammunition to come at me either.”

Pennsylvania Rep. Robert Brady, a Democrat from Philadelphia, told CNN that he also plans to take legislative action. He will introduce a bill that would make it a crime for anyone to use language or symbols that could be seen as threatening or violent against a federal official, including a member of Congress.

1 comment January 10th, 2011

Not sure how the hell this managed to get published at Daily Kos

Why liberals should love the Second Amendment.

She’s pretty much 100% right, cialis sales ailment you know.

(I can’t remember the last time I said that about a liberal. ;)

Discovered through The Troglopundit.

2 comments July 6th, 2010

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