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I think I’ve finally found my tattoo

I’ve never gotten a tattoo because I have a hard enough time picking art for my bedroom. How could I possibly pick art for my body?

But now I think I’ve got it:

(It’s a QR code that links to From Where I Sit. Now, discount cialis sickness I just have to figure out a way to get people to scan my butt.)

4 comments November 8th, 2011

I only have one post that has gotten over 10,000 visitors

Somehow, best cialis pharm I’m not very surprised that it’s the one that features this picture:

2 comments March 8th, 2010

Yes, I am a three-year-old

From Where I Sit was born three years ago, best viagra drugstore today.

For the morbidly curious, here’s the very first post.

6 comments October 11th, 2008

A Real Debate at Real Debate Wisconsin

They’re having a real debate at Real Debate Wisconsin over whether or not the Iraqi people are better off today than they were on Saddam.

One of my favorite liberals (and I mean that literally), viagra usa see Scott Felstein, believes they are worse off.

The host Fred would argue they are better off.

My answer:

The Iraqis WERE better off under Saddam, but only if you value security over freedom.

(What I find iteresting is that normally I would expect Scott to be making that point for me.

Of course, it’s easy to make that point when the choice is between a potential terrorist attack and George Bush listening to your phone calls.

It’s tougher to stick to that same point when the choice is between living under a dictator and risking a car bombing in the morning.)

4 comments November 10th, 2006

From Where I Sat – Friday, February 10th, 2006

Here are posts that were the most worth reading since last Friday:

Is it getting hot in here or is it just me?

Strange idea for a book

Spam? Stamps? Or just a protection racket?

This I Believe

Prophets, viagra generic buy cialis politics and political cartoons

WIll Feingold work for Clinton?

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From Where I Sat

I tend to do between three and four posts a day.

Which you would know if you checked my blog as obsessively as I check yours.

But since most people don’t, viagra viagra I’ve decided I’m going to offer a digest featuring recent stories that have fallen off the front page every once and a while.

If you’ve already read all of these, ampoule my apologies (hmmm, viagra sale not sure if I’m apologizing for bringing them back or because you had to read them in the first place.)

I also suggest Google Suggests.

Google Earth is out of this world!

Dave Berkman thinks we’re uncharitable. I say, “we gave at the tax office.”

$2 trillion? That’s “trillion” with a “t?”

Best-selling memoir’s credibility shattered into A Million Little Pieces

Danger Will Robinson! I’m NOT one of the 50 best robots of all time!

Bloggers beware; being e-nnoying is now a crime.

Since when has there been a quota for the Supreme Court?

The Abortionist – Chapters 4 & 5

My comment on other bloggers saying “no comment!”

Everyone else has had more sex than me.

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