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I don’t post about 9/11

But I’m very glad he did:

Ten Things I Want My Children To Learn From 9/11 | Popehat.

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This gentleman knows how to blog

Every time I start my tractor a microscopic wave of common sense reverberates through the cosmos.  OSHA hyperventilates.  Ralph Nader weeps.  Al Gore shudders.  Obama’s teleprompter falls over.  Nancy Pelosi drops kicks her armed bodyguard in the shin.  Michael Bloomberg spills his big gulp.  Domestic aerial drones lose their beaings.  Twitter is delayed a half second.  The NSA accidentally deletes someones’ Facebook profile.  I smile!

via Old Tractors Versus New Crap: Part II | The Adaptive Curmudgeon's Blog.

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The difference between Obama and Nixon?

Nixon never tapped my phone but Obama’s folks did.

via Corruption Niche II | The Adaptive Curmudgeon's Blog.

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Considering how rarely I’ve been blogging lately

These guys must be working really hard to find posts of mine to include in Monday’s Random Quotes.

Thanks, guys.

1 comment October 22nd, 2012

Linked to for truth

View From The Porch: Re: Communism v. Capitalism.

6 comments October 12th, 2012

The Rise & Fall

This is a brilliant and depressing post:

» The American Commodus – Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion.

1 comment September 19th, 2012

So here’s a question for yah

If everyone knows what your Secret Service code name is, why have a Secret Service code name?

Inspired by If I ever get to pick a Secret Service code name, my name’s going to be Fezzik. « The TrogloPundit.

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Calling myself a moron is one thing

Having it immortalized in the MRQ cuts me, man. It cuts me deep.

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Giggle (I know…it was wrong of me to laugh)

A letter writer to the Capital Times, Madison’s favorite conspiracy newsletter online, suggested that Governor Scott Walker should govern more like Abraham Lincoln. I got my hopes up because I thought the letter writer was going to suggest Walker have an army rip through Madison and turn it into the Atlanta scene from Gone with the Wind.

via Walker as Lincoln : Wigderson Library & Pub.

1 comment August 1st, 2012

Ann Althouse nails the entire problem right there

Now, the Democrats purport to “believe in an America that pays it forward,” which sounds odd to me, because it seems that the Democrats have plunged us into debt that they expect the next generations to deal with. It’s more billing it forward.

via Althouse: “This election is about values. It’s about what kind of people we are and what kind of country we want to build.”.

8 comments July 23rd, 2012

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