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This is why people who are convinced there is no such thing as media bias…

…are wrong. Being biased doesn’t only mean purposefully treating one side differently than the other. Unconscious bias is just as unfair and infinitely more common.

10 Questions a Pro-Choice Candidate Is Never Asked by the Media – Trevin Wax.

6 comments November 2nd, 2012

You’re a person when we say you are

If we stopped trying to act like an unborn child is a human when it’s wanted and not one when it isn’t, cialis prescription there wouldn’t be any confusing cases like this:

A case is unfolding in Ohio that sounds like a hypothetical dreamed up by a law school professor.

The facts of the case: A man is accused of trying to force his pregnant girlfriend at gunpoint to get an abortion. The question: Can he be charged with attempted murder of her unborn child?

2 comments October 22nd, 2010

Why Are French Women Killing Their Babies?

And, viagra generic here more importantly, there why aren’t they killing them pre-birth, the way they’re supposed to?!!!

1 comment August 3rd, 2010

What do you think?

13 comments August 11th, 2009

After 9/11, President Bush pointed out that not all Muslims were at fault…

…I wish President Obama had done something similar after abortion Doctor George Tiller was murdered this weekend.

5 comments June 1st, 2009

The logic of the Left?

Guns which might hurt someone MUST be controlled.

Abortion which definitely hurts someone MUST NOT be.

9 comments May 22nd, 2009

Somehow, I don’t think this is what Obama meant when he said he was going to create hope and change

viagra generic medical 0,3897855.story”>For the first time since it began asking the question in 1995, the Gallup Poll reported Friday, 51% of the American adults questioned for its annual Values and Beliefs survey said that when it comes to abortion, they consider themselves “pro-life.” Forty-two percent consider themselves “pro-choice.” (There is a 3-percentage-point margin of error.)

This finding, Gallup noted, represents a significant shift from years past. As recently as last year, 50% of respondents called themselves “pro-choice” and 44% identified themselves as “pro-life.”

1 comment May 15th, 2009

When I read about the doctor…

…who was injured by a bomb planted near his car, cialis canada viagra my first thought was “abortion.”

I bet yours was, check too.

5 comments February 4th, 2009

I’ve noticed a recent trend to stop using the terms Pro-Choice and Pro-life…

…among certain journalists.

In this article the author refers to the two sides as “abortion rights supporters” and “anti-abortion groups”.

I have two things to say about this:

  1. Since when does a journalist get to decide what a movement is called? The two sides already have preferred names. In fact, viagra sale find the article is filled with quotes from people who call themselves pro-life or organizations with pro-choice in their name.
  2. If the pro-choice side gets to be called “abortion rights supports,” I think the pro-life side should be referred to as “fetus rights supporters.”

7 comments November 12th, 2008

I’m always very disturbed when I see Michael Mathias at Pundit Nation…

portray the pro-life position as being:

There’s no debate when it comes to giving women reproductive freedom rights—they’re our property and they do what we say

As, generic cialis sale I’ve said before, best viagra viagra the only people being treated like property when it comes to abortion are the unborn ones.

13 comments September 19th, 2008


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